A Couple that worked with Always Growing Coaching for 2 Months:

“My boyfriend and I were going thought a bit of a rough patch but we both wanted to work on things and be together. Rachel has been able to provide us with tools to aid in our communication. One of our current favorites is the feelings wheel and the conflict management breakdown. She has also been able to provide us with better understanding within my boyfriends and I relationship. This has really helped us realize we want to be together and we are willing to use these tools to make a strong relationship. My boyfriend and I have now been able to have better discussions, be more vulnerable, and value each other more.”

A Couple that worked with Always Growing Coaching for 3 Months:

“We started coaching knowing there were things we needed to improve on. Nursing school was fast approaching and it seemed like every week we were getting into a silly argument that turned into something bigger because neither one of us knew how to handle the situation. I couldn’t start nursing school with our relationship constantly on egg shells, so we knew we had to do something when we reached out to Rachel. We worked with her every week for two months and learned way more than I was expecting. She made it fun and she was incredibly easy to talk to. Even when we had disagreements, Rachel immediately had an easy suggestion on how to work through it. We took so much away from our sessions that we still use and apply every day. It’s a great feeling knowing she is on our side and that if something ever comes up in the future that we need help on, she will be there to support us!”

A Woman who worked with Always Growing Coaching for 6 months:

My coaching experience with Rachel has been amazing! I felt understood, heard , supported, and cared for. She made me feel I was not alone in my journey to bettering myself and my relationships with others. I appreciate and love how she was so patient and considerate of my pace. The activities she shares are motivating to help me reflect and practice creating meaningful connections with myself and others. With Rachel’s guidance in coaching, I have grown and learned a lot about myself and what I want to nurture to become a better individual inside and out.

A Couple who worked with Always Growing Coaching for 3 months:

“Rachel has shown us healthier ways to communicate and be heard by each other. We feel like we’re evolving into the strongest level of our relationship. Always Growing is just like it sounds. We all can have more growth in our relationships even when all seems well. We will always be grateful for the level of communication we’re at now!”