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I’m Rachel, nickname, Raylationshipcoach

 I believe all relationships, even the one with ourselves, have the ability to grow and change.

The only constant in life is change. Growth and change propels us forward as humans. We can’t have a life without growth because without growth we are staying stagnant. If we’re not growing, we’re not changing and if we’re not changing, we’re not becoming better versions of ourselves or our relationship. I believe it’s important to continue to strive to become a better version of you or your relationship.

I earned my masters degree in couples therapy in 2020, and I have 3 additional certifications in relationships. I am certified in this amazing type of couples work called Gottman. I created an entire program around his evidenced based couples work, to grow couples relationships. I also created an amazing online communication course for couples to learn how to communicate successfully since we were not taught that automatically when we got in a relationship. It includes video lessons, PDF downloads, and discusses harmful communication patterns and how to replace them with healthy communication patterns.

 I was born and raised in Scottsdale Arizona and have lived in Arizona my whole life! My Fiancé and I met in our undergrad in college and have been together almost 8 years total. We are getting married in May 2024 and we are so excited! On top of my education on relationships, I have the real life experience to back it up too.

We will all face challenges in our relationship but it’s about how we navigate those, and grow and learn from them together, that makes a strong, successful relationship. 

 I specialize in helping dating, engaged, and newly married couples for coaching, as well as women. I have helped couples in many stages of their relationship, and helping prepare couples lifelong success, is my passion! I look forward to helping you work through challenges, and growing your relationship!

To learn more about my services, & what I offer, go to the services tab. All my coaching services are online, and we meet through zoom, so I can help anyone throughout the United States!


Premium Premarital Coaching

Engaged or newly married? Congrats! Lets help you create long term success in your marriage by learning the strengths and areas of growth in your relationship, and building on them. Gain over 10+ research based tools to prepare you for a lifelong, successful relationship!

90 Day Customized Couples Coaching

Every relationship is different. Let’s take the time to learn about your relationship, and make custom goals together. We can look at each level of your relationship and work on ways to grow and strengthen them. Gain over 15+ researched based tools to improve your communication, conflict management, and more!  

1 Hour Coaching Session

Want to get a feel for coaching? Want to work through a conflict with your significant other that you are having trouble working through on your own? Book a 1 hour coaching session.

Individual Women’s Coaching

Having trouble in any relationship in your life? Or the relationship with yourself? Lets work together on ways to help you grow, so you can feel your best and be confident in every relationship in your life. This can also be for someone who wants to work on the relationship, but the partner might be hesitant.

Grow, strengthen, and learn how to master your relationship for long term success

Are you struggling with communication in your relationship?

Do you feel like your emotional connection could be stronger?

Are you struggling with managing conflicts in your relationship?

Do you want to have lifelong tools to strengthen and grow your relationship?

Are you frustrated with the way things are currently going?

Do you want to know what makes a long lasting, successful relationship?

More About Me

Throughout my experience as a couples therapist, I was able to gain so much knowledge and help so many couples. I was also able to see first-hand, commonalities with what couples struggle with, and learned how best I could help.

I learned a great deal about what it takes to make successful relationships, and learned the warning signs to what creates unhealthy relationships.

I also hold Gottman Level 1 & 2 certifications, as well as the Prepare and Enrich certification.

By working with a coach who has a background in therapy, you can feel confident you have the best possible coach, with the necessary experience to help guide you in your relationship. I chose to make the switch to coaching because I wanted to be able to help more people, and I felt a calling to coaching. I can help couples all around the world, because with the internet, we have the world at our fingertips.


What my clients are saying

“Rachel has shown us healthier ways to communicate and be heard by each other. We feel like we’re evolving into the strongest level of our relationship. Always Growing is just like it sounds. We all can have more growth in our relationships even when all seems well. We will always be grateful for the level of communication we’re at now.”

“My coaching experience with Rachel has been amazing! I felt understood, listened to, supported, and cared for. She made me feel I was not alone in my journey to bettering myself and my relationships with others. I appreciate and love how she was so patient and considerate of my pace. The activities she shares are motivating to help me reflect and practice creating meaningful connections with myself and others. With Rachel’s guidance in coaching, I have grown and learned a lot about myself and what I want to nurture to become a better individual inside and out.“

“My boyfriend and I were going thought a bit of a rough patch but we both wanted to work on things and be together. Rachel has been able to provide us with tools to aid in our communication. One of our current favorites is the feelings wheel and the conflict management breakdown. She has also been able to provide us with better understanding within my boyfriends and I relationship. This has really helped us realize we want to be together and we are willing to use these tools to make a strong relationship. My boyfriend and I have now been able to have better discussions, be more vulnerable, and value each other more.”


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